Monday, July 14, 2008

Bad monday.

Dear Bloggie,

As i expected,it is a bad bad Monday!And due to that i am actually having a headache now.Gosh so pissed off just now.First it was the patient,second with my so "called" in charge thirdly with my colleague.It's very irritating!Just the start of the week and you all are trying to test my patience.And to my surprised,i actually blew up just now.Maybe I've been keeping quiet all the while but not this time cause it is really too much!Alright enough of it the more i talk about the more angry i get.

OK my nephew birthday is coming.He will be turning 1years old this coming 19 July.And yes I've ordered a image icing cake from one of my multiply contact.Thanks a lot for accepting the order although i know it is a last minute thing.Now I'm scratching my head cause i do not know what present to get him.Hmm..any ideas anyone??