Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Bloggie,

Are man is this world born to be EGO?Well,reason why I'm asking is because of my dad. Dad has been coughing for almost months.We thought somehow or rather its normal but when one of my family members got it then i realized that its actually not normal. Doctor advised was to get my dad to go for a check up but when we asked him to go,he will always declined. This is not the first time. I did told him the consequences that he will get just to scare him but he still stick to his decision and give us alot of excuses. You see,we want him well. Which child want to see their parents ill? I thought since i'm on leave tomorrow i could bring him to see the polyclinic doctor.
I always argue with my dad because of this. Really pissed me off. Oh god how do i convinced him to go to the doctor with me tomorrow?

We care and that matters.