Saturday, August 11, 2007

I just came back from a day of nursing symposium which was held at conrad hotel.Basically went there to support my nursing officer as she will be presenting.Paid $40 for that symposium.Woke up early at about 6am just to get ready for the event today as we will need to be there by 8.30am.Met sujinah,hidayah as well as abg roy at jrg mrt station as he will be driving us to the place.Reached conrad hotel just in time.Once i step in the hotel the first impression was WOW! It is indeed a very nice place,even the lift was outstanding.As you know we 3 ladies exclude the guy brought our cam so its time for camwhoring.Was abit dissapointed cause we thought that we could have our morning breakfast before the talk started but we will have to wait until 10.30am instead.My stomach as well as the rest are making alot of noise haha.If we knew that we will have to wait that long,we would have taken our breakfast earlier on.

Soon the talk has started the first speaker was none other than our very own CEO Mr Liak.The topic that he talks about was regarding The Toyota Ways.He always believe that The Toyata Ways is the best thing to follow.All a long the talk we really can't sit still cause we are freezing cool although we had our sweater on.We are like the only few that didn't quite listen to the talk cause we are busy making ourself warm.I really can't concentrate if its so cool.When its time for our Sister Chia to speak,i vigorously clap my hands well just giving a form of support hehe.Her presentation was not that bad but i think that she's abit nervous.After her talk,me sujinah as well as hidayah proceed to the toilet to camwhore what else!I can't believe that we are there just to camwhore haha but what can i say the place is extremely nice!As we walk out of the toilet, we saw people rushing toward the food area so i guess its already lunch time.Took alot of food from lasagne to chicken soup and many more.After lunch we plan to leave the place,we did n we went to town instead to walk around.Sat at starbucks for about an hour laughing,talking and stuff.I really had a great time.Left the place at about 5pm and abg roy send us home.
In abg roy car to conrad hotel at about 7.45am

Goodie bag,Name tag,Certificate

We are delegates!

In the lift.I simply love the lift!

Camwhoring in the toilet

With our very own nursing manager Sister Chia

The Outpatient Specialist Gang!

Chilling at Starbucks

At the carpark lobby camwhoring before goin back home