Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dear Bloggie,

Have not been blogging for quite sometime busy as usual. Anyway was down with fever last 2 days. 38.4 that was my temperature. Quite high right? Feeling better now and i'm back to work only today. Work is piling and piling non stop. Tried to finish one,another one comes in. How i wish i could just stay at home shaking my leg and money will just come. Well that's fantasy and the reality is this! Life as a human is this way. Sometimes i just can't stand with people at work. Pushing around things to other colleagues. Telling that they are not capable in doing some of the things that are given to them. Craps! Can't stand this kind of people and i wonder why do they still keep this people around. Can't do this can't do that,so tell me what can you do then?

Enough talking and stressing,if not i will fall more sick. Tomorrow i'm on leave. Why? Cause most of the clinics are blocked as they are having MBBS Exams.Yippee another rest day for me. So happy about it. Anyway dedicate this song to all of you. Love the rhythm and lyrics cause it actual reflect me :D

Masih Ada - Ello