Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear Bloggie,

Value Stream course was actually quite fun with alot of presentation to do.But my only concern was the instructor.I tell you it seems that he do not know how to teach.Oh well maybe he is new.And yeah below is one of the chart that our group which we named ourselves SOCiates had done:

Anyway while having so much time discussing and laughing during training time,I didn't expect clinic today to be a bad one.Gosh i heard that everything went cock up.Well this new procedure that they are implementing in AH.How the hell should i know that its already here?As the supervisor i think you shouldn't be questioning me by saying "i thought you should know cause you always assist him?"That's actually the problem with you!As the supervisor,you should be the one to know everything first and not me.Thats why sometimes i just can't stand it.I wonder if i were to leave the place,who will replace me?Feeling soo frustrated.Now i got the urged to leave even faster.