Sunday, February 24, 2008

Random story.

Dear Bloggie,

Today's weather was really hot i could feel the heat and even though i switch on my fan to the higher i still feel warm.Best friend call me up early in the morning and wanted to come over my house as she wanted to use my computer to download songs.Met her at lot 1 shopping mall to get ourself breakfast.My intention there was to buy a sport shoe for myself since my previous one was thrown by my dad.Bought a reebok sport shoe which cost me $71.90.The price was not too bad i don't intend to buy expensive one like adidas or nike cause i just wanna use it for running and not for show.Yes i really need to start my running soon i think i've gain weight!haha.

Yesterday was pay day wee!Gosh finally i'm rich again haha.Well i went out with my sister to chinatown to buy all my personal stuff there from moisturiser cream,pantyhose and etc.I really love to buy those things there cause they are cheap.After getting the stuff i want,went straight to vivocity to look around.Wanted to buy a pants buy end up i bought dippin donuts and chocolates at chocolate empire as nothing interest me there.Went to all the boutiques from zara,topshop and forever 21 all the clothes there bore me nothing really caught my eyes.Well i'm abit fussy went choosing clothes.Thats me anyway but which lady are not right?hah.

The new supplement that i've bought has making me go in and out of the toilet.They told me that it means the supplement does work cause it flushes away all our toxic in the body.Its good for the immune system and avoid us from sickness thats what they told me.I'm vigourously eating that supplement and i'm going to continue eating it if it really works.