Friday, January 2, 2009

Marina bay Countdown Concert was awesome!Except for this one issue that really spoils the mood.Want to know what?We both was splashed with beer by this tourist and the best part of it,they don't have the courtesy to say sorry.(maybe it was accidentally,but at least have some basic courtesy)Oh my!You know beer has this awful smell and if i were to went back home with that smell,my dad will accused me of drinking which i don't!

Well forget about that issue lets talk more about the countdown concert that i went.
It was held at the float at marina bay where the NDP last year was held.

Went there with my colleague,sujinah.

It was hosted by our beautiful artist michelle and fiona and our handsome gurmit and utt.

Performance was by our very own local artist.
Taufik Batisah.Oh..i just love his voice.

Another local artist which i like is Hardy Mirza.

Fiona Xie and hmm..i forget her name hehe was not bad either.

Special performance by River Maya all the way from Philippines.

Look at me,i was looking really happy!

Moments that we are waiting for..
The final countdown to 2009!

12 o'clock sharp,its the fireworks time.

Concert end about 12 plus.
Pictures below are the scenery of the place after the concert.

First photo of 1 January 2009 :D