Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dear Bloggie,

Had an outing with my sister,her boyfriend,his sister and her boyfriend(you get it?haha).Went out at about 5 plus met them at their house and off we went to bugis.It has been a long time since i went there.There's alot of changes and their clothes are as cheap as usual.It was crowded,moving up and down was a bit hassle.Nothing interesting there cause all their clothes are almost the same at every shop but i managed to get a shirt and a watch for my sister.At about 7pm off we went to swensen at town just beside the paragon for dinner cause i'm tempted to eat their chocolate fondue.Although i know haagen dazs chocolate fondue is much more better due to some reasons,did'nt went there but swensen instead.Total cost for our meal is $98.18.After a full stomach,the guys decided not to follow us to shop but to wait inside the car instead.So the ladies went to wisma atria to get some good clothing.I'm sick and tired of topshop as well as forever 21, their clothes nowadays are not as interesting as last time.My new favourite shop is flesh imp, yeah their clothes nowadays are way too cool.I just love their design as well as the colours and their prices are quite reasonable compared to other shops.Bought 2 pairs of shirt and 1 pair of tshirt for my sister.After grabbing good clothes off we went to meet the guys and went back home.

At swensen waiting for our food to be serve.

Chocolate Fondue for 2.

Posing outside the lift.

Self-shot of us.

Me inside the car.