Sunday, July 27, 2008

Typical Sunday.

Dear Bloggie,

Was abit upset cause my reservation to carousel was cancel when we all be free again.Suppose to go yesterday buy my sister has something on so i change it to today but surprisingly today she has something on too.Mum was upset too.Thought of going without her just me,my dad and mum but i think i prefer the whole family to go together.

Went to lot 1 just now,browse around do some shopping and do some donating.I've been wanting to buy tissue from one of this uncle.Pity him standing there the whole day and no one wants to buy his tissue.And yes i did bought from 3 people.Although they sell it for $1 buy i give them more instead.Helping the needy is good since this month i've earn more.

In the evening i might be going to my grandma house with my mum.Such a long time since i've been there.Oh yes i've been busy with work n studies and no time to visit my granny.So today,gonna buy alot of food to bring there and maybe some goodies for my niece and nephew.Till here then.