Monday, December 24, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

It was a very light day at work.I basically got nothing to do other than wrapping up the gifts for our party this coming friday.Gosh getting so excited about it i bet its gonna be a blast with me performing haha.Its christmas eve today and most of them went back home after 2pm including me,went to IMM with jinah to buy props as well as the deco things for our party but nothing interesting.I thought DAISO will be a great place to buy those kind of things but perhaps its way too expensive imagine 5 balloons for $2? I think i can get 10 balloons for $1 plus.So we decided not to shop there.We will do our shopping maybe tomorrow or thursday meanwhile i will be looking out for those things at a market nearby my house.Tomorrow will be my dance practice with my two fellow colleague and the song we are dancing too is sway.Well just hope that the steps are easy to remember cause we definately have no much time left.Alright the dinner thing was cancel cause when i call him he was on the way to cityhall to meet his friends.I ask him to tag along with his friends instead and he agree and i went back home to rest.
Outing With Dear Bestie On 21 December 2007