Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dear Bloggie,

Last night was our PSA Dinner gathering.It was fun indeed although the crowd was not that big.The event was held in Hotel Rendezvous.Theme for that night was classy black and sexy red and as you can see in the pictures i actually wore all black for that night.

We did our best yesterday for our performances.Well done girls!all the practice that we have gone through is not a waste.But we are disappointed cause we still think that our group is the best and we should be the best performance for the night and not others.Well there's always a winner and a loser in any competition will try again next time.
The MC for our event was "zuhaini" not sure if i get the spelling right.A very lousy one i should say,he do not know how to get the crowd involved and i think i prefer a chinese MC rather than malay,no particular reasons why.
I won a lucky draw and the prize was a $10 Isetan voucher i think its better than nothing right?
Overall the event was not that bad.After the event,we had a suprised birthday party for jinah at our hotel room.We are glad that she likes it.Newae once again happy belated birthday.