Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Advanced Birthday Dear Papa!

Proudly present by Awfully Chocolate.Recommend all chocolate lovers to try it.Its finger licking good really.
I bought "Soup Tulang" too,all the way from beach road and the cake from cluncy road.Ok i know i'm sweet hehe.Its only for my dearest dad i knew he like that "Tulang".I really hope you like that small celebration from us dad.The smile on your face makes me happy =)) Once again Happy 54th Birthday Dad!!
I'm too busy with myself and now i forgot all my friends birthday!I feel soo bad.Sorry friends i hope its still not too late.Blame me for everything.I think i need to catch up with all my friends real soon seriously.I've been staying at home all these while didn't hang around or chat with my good friends.Now i've started to realise it.

Its a sunny sunday afternoon.Today we will be making a surprise celebration for daddy for his birthday.His birthday will be on 2nd October but since mum is here so i've decided to make it today instead as it will be more merrier.Will be going out later to meet my younger sister after her work which is about 4pm to buy some stuff for the small celebration later on.

Yesterday was great.Went to IKEA with my family.Bought photoframes,bedsheet,curtains and many more basically for the preparation of Hari Raya.Seriously i'm soo eager this year.I will be decorating my house and i will have to ask my mum to back up cause if she will be doing it with my i bet the things that i want to throw she will asked me to keep instead and i really don't like that.Total cost spent was only $100+++ cheap isn't it? Thats why i always love spending at IKEA not only its cheap,their design are simple,nice and up to date.After all the spending i felt hungry so we went to Al-Ameen the 24hrs shop at Bukit Timah to eat.It was my treat.Me,sis and dad had this rice and some dishes from egg,tom yam soup,sting ray fish and vegetables while mum had this noodles soup.The tom yam soup was delicious and the rest was moderate.It cost $33 for the whole meal,drinks and a ice-cream that my sister ordered.Our stomach are full took a cab and went straight home.