Sunday, February 3, 2008


Dear Bloggie,

I just came back from household shopping with mummy,daddy and my younger sister.Oh..i had alot of time everytime we go for household shopping cause i can grab anything that i want.As usual the place that we will proceed to is sheng shiong as it is very near our place and very reasonable price too.Due to chinese new year,the place was really pack with people maybe because its like 3 days left to their new year that why they are busy buying stuff.The grabber which is me and my sister we will just grab anything that we want without any hesitation and stuff it inside the big trolley and by then the trolley will be full of our things.Total cost for the whole stuff that we bought is $250,it worth it.

Tomorrow will be another day at work gosh just don't feel like going to work cause i think i still lack of rest but luckily,tuesday i will be having product knowledge training and wednesday will be a half day clinic as most of the doctors block their clinic due to chinese new year eve and after that will be having a long holiday.Regarding my training on tuesday i just hate it when we have to use our uniform.Sometimes i wonder why do they set this kind of stupid rules aren't we adult enough to wear what we like?They really treat us like a small children.I will just wait and see whether the rules is set by my own supervisor or our ceo.