Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Advanced Birthday Dear Papa!

Proudly present by Awfully Chocolate.Recommend all chocolate lovers to try it.Its finger licking good really.
I bought "Soup Tulang" too,all the way from beach road and the cake from cluncy road.Ok i know i'm sweet hehe.Its only for my dearest dad i knew he like that "Tulang".I really hope you like that small celebration from us dad.The smile on your face makes me happy =)) Once again Happy 54th Birthday Dad!!
I'm too busy with myself and now i forgot all my friends birthday!I feel soo bad.Sorry friends i hope its still not too late.Blame me for everything.I think i need to catch up with all my friends real soon seriously.I've been staying at home all these while didn't hang around or chat with my good friends.Now i've started to realise it.

Its a sunny sunday afternoon.Today we will be making a surprise celebration for daddy for his birthday.His birthday will be on 2nd October but since mum is here so i've decided to make it today instead as it will be more merrier.Will be going out later to meet my younger sister after her work which is about 4pm to buy some stuff for the small celebration later on.

Yesterday was great.Went to IKEA with my family.Bought photoframes,bedsheet,curtains and many more basically for the preparation of Hari Raya.Seriously i'm soo eager this year.I will be decorating my house and i will have to ask my mum to back up cause if she will be doing it with my i bet the things that i want to throw she will asked me to keep instead and i really don't like that.Total cost spent was only $100+++ cheap isn't it? Thats why i always love spending at IKEA not only its cheap,their design are simple,nice and up to date.After all the spending i felt hungry so we went to Al-Ameen the 24hrs shop at Bukit Timah to eat.It was my treat.Me,sis and dad had this rice and some dishes from egg,tom yam soup,sting ray fish and vegetables while mum had this noodles soup.The tom yam soup was delicious and the rest was moderate.It cost $33 for the whole meal,drinks and a ice-cream that my sister ordered.Our stomach are full took a cab and went straight home.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Today was a tiring day seriously i need someone to massage my leg please!Thanks to tarmizi atleast he makes me forget my tiredness for a while.Believe it or not i only had maagi just now,was really tired to get myself a proper food.Ok i can't wait tarmizi you better cook for me i don't care hehe don't you ever try to twist your words cause i will be waiting.And please,please,please deliver it to my house rather than i come to your house can?haha."Ayam masak lemak chilli padi" is the dish i asked for isn't he sweet?

At work i learned alot of new things today.Learned how to assist vuscular from Tang.Well its quite easy actually if you notice it.The difficult part is that you will have to fax or photocopy stuff to NUH as we don't do some procedures in AH.Btw thanks for the compliments i accept it and it motivates me to do a more excellent job was happy actually.Oh ya i received the first Hari Raya Card from one of my colleague!Thanks alot i promised i will get you ketupat =)

I think thats all for monday i guess i will have to get some sleep now in order to wake up early tomorrow.Have a good night sleep everyone =))

Saturday, September 22, 2007

What a hot saturday afternoon.Its definately good for washing clothes as it will dry much faster.Woke up at 11am,i know its abit late well i slept late last night.Don't get the wrong idea alright i do woke up for sahur just now.Check my mail and friendster listening to music.I really hate if people keep bothering me with those message in msn.Don't you just get it?I don't want you to bother me anymore gosh! its soo hard for them to understand thats why sometimes i just prefer to stay offline and chat with the person i want to chat with.Opps secret has revealed!haha.Here are the things i need to do today:
1) Change bedsheet
2)Wash clothes
3)Sweep the floor
4)Do assignments
I've been a very good girl nowadays seriously!Didn't went out weekends for months i guess.Totally not in a mood and the things i do at home are always cleaning the house and surfing the net basicaly thats all.Talking about whether i'm bored or not?Hmm..partially yes as i've been doing the same thing on all the weekends and partially no cause my family is around with me.But sad,mummy is not here today she will only be back next week and next week will be painting the house week!yeah going to buy the paint real soon i'm soo eager.I wonder what colour should i paint my house?Thought of green but i want it to be my room colour ok i need to start looking for colours now.
Have you guys ever went to the Victoria's Secret PINK site before?Gosh i tell you i go crazy looking at their stuff.Nice designs and lovely colours it really does attract my attention.Too bad they don't have a store in singapore,if they do that will be my next favourite shop.But i will definately want to buy these two things online but the only thing is how much will it cost total for shipping and stuff?I bet its gonna cost me alot but i really wanna get this two things nevermind maybe i will get some advised from people who often shop online.

Ok what got my attention again was these cupcakes-momma which i happened to browse around the net just now!Its damn nice,unique and also very colourful.Two thumbs up for the lady who has such a great talent and also very creative ideas in doing these.I think she have more than a 1000 different cupcakes posted at her web.I'm definately going to place an order real soon.Yeah maybe for some occasions.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Firstly wishing all muslim a happy ramadan.Alhamdulilah it has been 3 days now and i managed to fast.But these fasting month make me feel so sleepy and cold at work well its because we didn't eat anything and that makes our sugar level low.

Well break fast today at granny house with my family.Ate mee goreng as well as lontong with beef curry.I always eat alot whenever i went there.Guess this fasting month won't make me loose weight but gain weight instead haha.After eating,my aunty took out some old photo albums.It was fun browsing around old photos of me and some of my cousins it shows how much i've grown now and how much things have changed.I keep laughing at myself whenever i see my pictures when i was about 2 to 3 years old.Entertaining my nephews and nieces was fun either they got 101 stories to tell you and the best part is when they sing a song for me and that is really sweet of them!Aunty love u lah!At about 8.30pm we went to bukit panjang plaza to get my younger sister her project stuff.Browse around for awhile and took a taxi home.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I regret what i did today!I really need to buck up.I'm bad in time management seriously.Haiz..:(

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The 4Ps:Product,Price,Place,Promotion.Some of the marketing basic which i keep remembering it inside my head.Ok tomorrow will be the last paper i just hope that everything will go well.Praying hard.

High School Musical 2 was indeed great!Well i definately can't miss that show.Gosh their clothes and setting are very beautiful and not to forget my favourite hero is soo damn good looking!No wonder vanessa fall in love with him.Finally pictures is uploaded thanks jinah.Ok here are some pictures that we took during a farewell dinner for Cheok at Fish & Co.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

headache + stress =????
gosh i really feel like crying my first paper yesterday was damn bad.blame on me for wasting time on the first question and i didn't mananged to finish one of the question i lost 25 marks just like that what a waste!i guess i will have to managed my time next time.
the whole saturday i've been doing notes revising for my paper on monday.trying to remember everything that i've learnt and taught by ms mona.i guess i won't be sleeping that early today i've got alot of things to brush up on.i'm still waiting for the pictures jinah.a farewell dinner for cheok who is leaving us,will update the pictures once she pass it to me.ok i need to make a cup of coffee now in order to stay awake =))

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Just came back from bukit panjang plaza with a friend of mine.Before that we attend a wedding,its Kak Ros big day today.I'm soo happy for her she look so pretty.Well every ladies will look good on their big day and when will my turn be? are some pictures we took..

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Its a beautiful saturday afternoon.Finally its weekend time for a lay back.Basically plans for today is just to stay at home and do some revision for my exam.gosh its coming soon and its just next friday.Advanced Office Application a well as Principles of Marketing yeah thats the two papers i will be having,time pass by so fast though.Maybe abit later i will be going to my grandma house to visit her with my whole family and bring along some goodies which i got for her from malaysia and then we will be going to shen shiong to buy some household stuff.yeah i just love to go shen shiong cause i get to buy everything that i want especially chocolates hah!and not to forget i will be having a wedding invitation tomorrow.hmm..what shall i wear?i guess i will have to think about it later.before i end here i will have to do this for the sake of my friend seri rahayu!here goes..

The Blog Keeping Rules:
1.Each blogger must post these rules first.
2.Each blogger starts with eight random habits/facts about themselves.
3.Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about the eight things and post the rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4.Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged and to read your blog.

8 FACTS/Habits about me:

1.I'm bad in being punctual really.for those who know me that well i think you all should know.haha well people excuse me for being late.;)

2.It takes me 1-2hrs just to dress up.i don't know why but its just me and when i'm going out with my family,they will ask me to get ready first cause they know if they we do to first they will end up waiting for me.

3.I'm a shopaholic!yeah i can really shop till i drop!

4.I love dancing its my passion and i will on that music loud enough and just dance at home even with my parents seeing.

5.I'm single yeah thats the fact!well i just one to focus on life now,my work my studies and the truth is although it has been quite awhile he's still in mind despite how you just kept silent.

6.The colour green make me go crazy.everything that has green i will definately buy it without fail.

7.I love my family although i don't get to see my mum that often cause she's travelling,she's always in my mind.

8.I'm a fickle minded person at times.i can just change my mind.

8 humans that must do this: particular person sorry.