Sunday, July 27, 2008

Typical Sunday.

Dear Bloggie,

Was abit upset cause my reservation to carousel was cancel when we all be free again.Suppose to go yesterday buy my sister has something on so i change it to today but surprisingly today she has something on too.Mum was upset too.Thought of going without her just me,my dad and mum but i think i prefer the whole family to go together.

Went to lot 1 just now,browse around do some shopping and do some donating.I've been wanting to buy tissue from one of this uncle.Pity him standing there the whole day and no one wants to buy his tissue.And yes i did bought from 3 people.Although they sell it for $1 buy i give them more instead.Helping the needy is good since this month i've earn more.

In the evening i might be going to my grandma house with my mum.Such a long time since i've been there.Oh yes i've been busy with work n studies and no time to visit my granny.So today,gonna buy alot of food to bring there and maybe some goodies for my niece and nephew.Till here then.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Dear Bloggie,

I just feel like hitting something!
Gosh really!
Such a fickle minded!
Well you are not the one facing it.
I am the one for your information.

Monday 21/7/08.

Dear Bloggie,

I've already arrived at work earlier on.Took a cab with my mum as well as my sister.Send her to school,send my mum and then proceed to my workplace.That will be the routine for every monday morning perhaps my mum is here.Luckily it's not jam.As you know its peak hours.

Oh ya yesterday we had this mini celebration to celebrate aidern 1st birthday.Time really pass by so fast i thought i just saw him as a new born baby.We order a cake from kak nita one of my multiply contact.The cake suppose to be an image icing but change to spongebob instead due to some error in the printing.But who cares the spongebob cake is really nice too.It's soo nice until i don't even there to eat it hehe.Will order with you again in future :))

I can't wait for 25 july!Want to know why?Its bonus day!!Yippee!Gosh i will sure to shop till i drop.But too bad the singapore sales is ending.But wait,thailand is having sales in august.Oh i just can't wait to go there.

Till here then.

Happy working :))

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Embarrassing Tuesday.

Dear Bloggie,

Today was an embarrassing day for me.What actually happened was i trip n fell infront of the nurses counter!And patients was like asking me "are you ok?"Gosh blamed it to the cleaner who actually mop the floor.Not that i want to criticise them or something but safety is so important especially in hospitals.What if an old lady or man was the one that fell?What if it was a pregnant lady?They are supposed to do it before the clinic starts.Luckily there was only a few patients around if not i bet i'm gonna be like a "free show" there haha.

Clinic today was ok.Runs very smoothly today.No irritating people.No nothing.Hope it will be like this everyday.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bad monday.

Dear Bloggie,

As i expected,it is a bad bad Monday!And due to that i am actually having a headache now.Gosh so pissed off just now.First it was the patient,second with my so "called" in charge thirdly with my colleague.It's very irritating!Just the start of the week and you all are trying to test my patience.And to my surprised,i actually blew up just now.Maybe I've been keeping quiet all the while but not this time cause it is really too much!Alright enough of it the more i talk about the more angry i get.

OK my nephew birthday is coming.He will be turning 1years old this coming 19 July.And yes I've ordered a image icing cake from one of my multiply contact.Thanks a lot for accepting the order although i know it is a last minute thing.Now I'm scratching my head cause i do not know what present to get him.Hmm..any ideas anyone??

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday,13 July.

Dear Bloggie,

Its nearly the end of Sunday and yes,yes tomorrow is another day at work 'sigh'.Another busy day.another heart aching day,another crazy day.Oh i just hope that tomorrow will be a great Monday.I definitely need to come to work early tomorrow cause there's still some few things which is left undone.I'm just to tired to do it last Friday cause all i think was to go home fast and rest!

As per normal did nothing special today,just sit at home surf the net,check my mail,clean up the house,wash my clothes etc.Sounds boring huh?But yeah that's the fact.Anyway I've made reservation for 4 to carousel at royal plaza on scotts hotel.Specially for my dear family to treat them.I just hope they like it.Finally mum is going back next week.I just miss her so much.I feel lonely without her around.Till here then need to iron my clothes.Have a good night sleep everyone :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bright saturday afternoon.

Dear Bloggie,

A bright Saturday afternoon.Finally its weekend the moment I've been waiting for.Woke up early this morning at about 8am although i slept quite late yesterday.I always have this sleeping habits if i sleep late the previous day,the next day i will wake up quite early but if i were to sleep early i will sure wake up late the next day ha ha isn't that weird?

Plan today was to stay at home.No mood to go out or something.Actually i've been staying at home for the past few weekends.I guess i'm just too lazy to go anywhere.Luckily i have this cinta fitri VCD to accompany me hehe.

Oh yeah I've been planning on going to overseas most probably next month to Bangkok i guess.I really need to get out from this country real fast.I guess i just need a break and a new fresh air.And at the same time I've been browsing around the net for places to go most probably next year January.I plan to go to gold coast yeah!A very nice place.Looking out for package tour with Chan brothers since I'm going there alone.Alright till here then still need to browse around.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dear Bloggie,

Two of my colleagues told me that I've gain weight gosh that is really a bad sign!! Without even noticing i actually did.Now i have to try to control my food intake.Maybe without realizing it i ate too much or too full each time.And yeah i really have to get back to the same weight i have been before with effort and discipline of cause.

Work today was really suck.I hate cause i had to go for a very late lunch and then grab something and quickly start my afternoon clinic.I wonder where are all those who went for first lunch and suppose to take over the one who have not finish the morning clinic.I'm really pissed off just now.Whenever people request for help i will always help them but when it comes to me,i always get this kind of returned.That is how i felt and from that moment on i don't give a damn whoever needs help.They always want it right and their way and how about me?Doesn't mean I'm lenient you can step on my head!