Tuesday, December 29, 2009

That's what you both are.
Thank god i'm clever enough and thank god i was born with full of curiosity.
I'm going on with the flow now.Oh god why must this things happen whenever your heart is about to give it all.I'm so lucky that i was very laid back.Very pity to those girls.I will pretend that i don't know anything.Oh yah! You are dealing with the wrong person.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hate this feeling.

I just feels like shouting out loud!Really need somebody to talk to.Really hate when this feeling come :(

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Congratulation Sumi.

Firstly would like to wish congratulation to Sumithra and Manimaran for finally officially becoming husband and wife. You look gorgeous girl! Thanks for inviting us to your wedding. My first time being to an Indian wedding. Quite an experience i must say and very interesting. It is very traditionally done. After watching the ceremony, all of us went down to eat. I'm happy that i could actually see different kinds of races wedding ceremony. I have been to a chinese wedding before.Very different.Anyway let me leave you with some pictures of the wedding that i took just now.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Just came back from Meeting.
Wanted to show a picture.Look at those yummy cute doughnuts. It is called the Japanese Doughnuts.Just find it very cute so i bought it yesterday. Cost $4 for 12 pieces. Ok i think i'm gonna buy doughnut again after work.
Anyway today i learn a new phrase from the CEO.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Would you go for love or money?

I would say both. Use to agree on love itself cause with love you can do anything. But now, i have to say its love and money. Why do i say that? Its all based on a true story. My own personal story. A story i won't imagine off coming true. Breaks my heart to know about that particular story. But what can i do? I could only shut my mouth and pretend not to know anything. Let god shows the way and let god open up that particular person eyes. Nobody except god knows what i have been through. People say it parts and parcle of life. Easy for them to say but very difficult for me as a human being to accept the fact that this is happening and really truely happening. I felt that it was just a dream but than i realise, it was not. It real aisyah..it is.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who will win Singapore Idol 2009?

So guys any feedback or criticism on the above questions? Read most of the forums and they said Sezairi will win cause he is a malay. But hey aren't we in a multi racial country? Why become so racist? Felt abit disappointed on that comment. Shouldn't be commenting that way. Anyway this year i know that they want a lady to win the competition. Whether the ladies win or not we will have to see about that. Not only that, if you think you want the ladies to win than vote! Don't just say and criticise.

Personally for me, I will have to go for Sezairi. Not because he is malay but because he is a very potential and capable guy. Just look at how he deliver his songs each week.

Just look at how he nailed that both song.
Such a good satisfaction.

Sick Tuesday.

Sick,sick,sick really hate this feeling. Was actually not well since yesterday. Took half day from work thought of going to see a doctor but didn't even get a chance to even see a glance of the doctor. Want to know why? I step in the clinic (its a private clinic), get myself registered. My number was 88 and when i look at the queue number system it shows 78 so there was like 12 patients before me. I waited and waited but the number 78 was still on the screen and its not moving. I really can't take it anymore cause the nose thing is really killing me. So i told the clinic assistant that i wanted to cancel my registration and after that i went back home straight. At home, managed to find the typical yellow pill for the nose and paracetamol. Thought that works but i'm still feeling sick till today. So decided to see a doctor and get a 1 day rest for today. Hope that i feel better tomorrow.

Oh yah the hot movie this month. Newmoon have you guys watch it yet? I already did with Ayu, Ramdan and Azhar. Another great movie but the ending was abit hanging. I guess i will have to
wait for their next movie which is eclipse.