Friday, April 11, 2008

Dear Bloggie,

Due to lazy/tired i will briefly tell you my day in point form.

}Almost thought i lost my handphone.Been searching high and low for it,i thought i drop it somewhere cause i was actually holding alot of plastic bags in my hand.When reached home,saw it at the small hidden pocket haha!Felt relief :)

}Bored cause i've to work on saturday.Why does she like to changed assignment last minute?

}Angry and feel like crying.I never felt this way before.How could you!If you are saying that to me you mean i'm not your very own _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ?For the first time i hate you really!

}Thanks now i know the reason why.I actually happened to browse around and found it myself.I wonder...So sad cause now no one to talk crap with.