Wednesday, June 6, 2007

i'm having my break right now feeling tired was ok in the morning everything was smooth.well hoping tt it will be the same in e afternoon.going to town with jinah later after work so i will be sending back casenotes to AH instead of gaya.finding a birthday present for a friend of mine so thought of browsing around town area since its singapore sales.

i'm stuck with my own feeling as well as decision i'm reallly confused.i've been thinking real hard this pass few days well i just hope to make the right one.well maybe i just need time but if i were to delay it i'm afraid that the impact will be much more.

ok i can't wait for this saturday!i really can't wait jinah!! haha although its jinah birthday and will be celebrating her birthday at st james but its as though was my birthday cause i'm really excited.haha.can't wait to meet up all my friends which i've not meet them for quite sometimes.i'm sure we will have a great time this saturday.