Friday, February 1, 2008

First entry.

Dear Bloggie,

This is my first mutiply blog entry as you can see the previous post was actually import from my blog thats why it was in the year 2007.Finally its saturday a day for me to rest at home i'm actually looking forward to weekends.Well no plans for today i think i will just have to stay at home and watch the vcds that i've rented yesterday at Lot 1 or even surfing the net as usual.I've always rented a thai comedy movie cause i think its a hilarious one.

Mummy will be back home soon.Oh i just can't wait for her return,so that we could go out together.As per normal i will always be at home with daddy while my sister will be hanging ard outside with friends quite boring though but i' used to it anyway.

Do you guys loves to watch korean drama?Oh i just love watching it especially the one every saturday at 3pm till 5pm.The title is call "save the last dance" a very romantic and sad story it really touched my heart untill sometimes it shed me to tears maybe because it reminds me of my pass love experience.I will have to stop here for now as the drama is starting soon will update more soon.