Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Typical Tuesday.

(picture was taken during Nurses Day 09 in our Nurses Day T-shirt)

I'm on leave today.Another day of resting for me but not really cause i will be having class later at 7 till 10pm.I'm so excited for class.Anyway i have been very ill this pass few days.Down with flu and now bad cough.I have been feeding myself with piriton and paracetamol just to regain back my strenght.Alhamdulilah today i'm much more better.
Fasting month is coming up and i'm so happy that we are able to fast again. It will be officially this saturday 22nd august.
Oh yah my transfer to the new department was delayed due to the pink panther.She wants me to stay till end of the month.Well i don't mind but i wish i could actually tranfer out much more faster.So i guess another one more week and counting.